Stephen Attwood

Postdoctoral Researcher

Department of Zoology

University of Oxford

Peter Medawar Building

South Parks Road

Oxford, OX1 3SY, UK

I am currently investigating the molecular evolution of cancer cell populations using phylogenetic and population approaches. In general my interests lie in the use of molecular systematics to reveal processes underlying the transmission and progression of disease, and on the use of bioinformatics in translational medicine. Formerly I was a parasitologist, working at the Natural History Museum in London on the taxonomy and evolution of the Asian Schistosoma. During that time I discovered and named several new species and studied the health and biodiversity impacts of hydro-power dams in the Mekong Basin. I have spent many years in China, Laos and Thailand working in the field.

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SW Attwood & ES Upatham (2012) Observations on Neotricula aperta (Gastropoda: Pomatiopsidae) population densities in Thailand and central Laos: implications for the spread of Mekong schistosomiasis. Parasites & Vectors 5:126

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Research Interests