Hoehn KB, Harnik PG, Roth VL (2016) A framework for detecting natural selection on traits above the species level. Methods in Ecology and Evolution 7:331–9

Author: Kenneth Hoehn

Download R package here.

Download tutorial here.


Perspectev = PERmutation of SPECies during Turnover EVents

Perspectev provides a framework for analysing the extent to which differential survival with respect to higher level trait variation is reducible to lower level variation. In addition to its primary test, it also provides functions for simulation-based power analysis, reading in common data set formats, and visualizing results.

Perspectev may be used both with historical extinctions, in which survivorship is known and binary, and in contemporary data where survivorship may be given as a continuous probability. While originally applied to geographic range size of genus level species-groups, it is easily extendable to other grouping systems such as other Linnaean classifications, monophyletic clades, and ecological communities. It also contains options for analysing a variety of higher level traits, such as alternate measures of geographic range, morphological trait disparity, genetic variation, and is easily extendable to user-written trait functions.

A tutorial detailing all of these additional features on both historical and contemporary extinctions is available at the link above.