Luciano Franco Filho

Visiting Researcher

Evandro Chagas Institute  

Ananindeua, Para, Brazil

I am a geneticist and microbiologist with broad interests in metagenomic analysis, uncultivable microorganisms, and microbial ecology. My research focuses on investigating the composition of viral communities from several bat species from the Brazilian Amazon region. I am interested in understanding the geographic and host species diversity of viral communities of different bat species, and the factors that drive the diversity of these communities. The main aims of my PhD project include the identification of pathogenic viruses from bat populations and quantification of the rate of viral cross-species transmission between different bats.

I am a full-time PhD student at the Graduate Program in Virology at the Evandro Chagas Institute in Ananindeua, Brazil. Currently I am a visiting Oxford to work with Dr. Nuno Faria. More information about me is available here:

Research Interests

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