Kris Parag

Post-doctoral Researcher

Department of Zoology

University of Oxford

Peter Medawar Building

South Parks Road

Oxford, OX1 3SY, UK

My research lies at the intersection of stochastic theory and computational phylogenetics and will focus on the modelling of molecular evolutionary and phylodynamic processes.

Parag KV, Pybus OG (2017) Optimal point process filtering and estimation of the coalescent process. Journal of Theoretical Biology 421:153-167

Parag K & Vinnicombe G (2017) Point process analysis of noise in early invertebrate vision. PLOS Computational Biology In press

Parag K & Vinnicombe G (2013) Single event molecular signalling for estimation and control. European Control Conference, pp. 4166-71

Parag K & Vinnicombe G (2013) Event triggered signalling codecs for molecular estimation. 52nd Conference on Decision and Control, pp. 256-61

Research Interests