Bernardo Gutiérrez

DPhil Student

Department of Zoology

University of Oxford

Peter Medawar Building

South Parks Road

Oxford, OX1 3SY, UK

My interests focus on the evolutionary genetics of zoonotic viruses and the application of different computational techniques to evaluate the predictability of spillover events from wild reservoir populations to humans. For this purpose, I plan to combine structural information of viral proteins and phylogenetic inference to analyse phenotypes associated with host jumps. I aim to evaluate this phenomenon across multiple viral families and determine whether the structural information can be integrated into viral phylogenetics to better understand viral zoonosis.

I am also a visiting researcher at the Universidad San Francisco de Quito in Ecuador, where I provde assistance in population genetic analyses for various plant and animal species.

Research Interests

Cobo MM, Gutierrez B, Torres ML (2018) Regeneration of mortiño (Vaccinium floribundum Kunth) plants through axillary bud culture. In Vitro Cellular & Developmental Biology - Plant. In press

Cobo MM, Gutierrez B, Torres AF, Torres ML (2016) Preliminary analysis of the genetic diversity and population structure of mortiño (Vaccinium floribundum Kunth). Biochemical Systematics & Ecology 64:14-21

Guadalupe JJ, Gutierrez B, Intriago-Baldeon DP, Arahana V, Tobar J, Torres AF, Torres ML (2015) Genetic diversity and distribution patterns of Ecuadorian capuli (Prunus serotina). Biochemical Systematics & Ecology 60:67-73

Salgado C, Arahana V, Tobar J, Gutierrez B, Torres ML (2013) Employing molecular markers to identify Monilinia fructicola in Ecuadorian peach orchards. Australasian Plant Disease Notes 8:149-152

Johnson MD, Burton NA, Gutierrez B, Painter K, Lund PA (2011) RcsB is required for inducible acid resistance in Escherichia coli and acts at gadE-dependent and independent promoters. Journal of Bacteriology 193:3653-56